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Reuters Telegrams

Reuter Telegram (June 14, 1920) about Herbert Samuel’s appointment as High Commissioner for Palestine and his statement about his future plans for Palestine.


British Troops in Palestine

Article from “The Times” (January 10, 1939) about British entry into Palestine and mentions destruction to Arab homes, government searches, etc…

The British Plan for Palestine – Reported Acceptance by Mufti

Article from “The Times” (Nov. 1, 1939) reporting acceptance from Mufti.

Letter to Editor of “The Times”

Letter to the editor of “The Times” from Chaim Weizmann about the Jewish desires concerning Palestine.

The Future in Palestine

Article from “The Pioneer” (December 1929) by Leo Amery about Britain’s plans for Palestine and the Jewish issue.

Jewish Refugees in Palestine

Letter to the editor of “The Times” from L.B. Namier, dated July 28, 1939, about Jewish illegal immigrants in Palestine and controversy around the White Paper.

Palestine and Syria

Palestine and Syria – Tired of Mandates

Article from “The Times”, dated June 5 1922, discusses Mr. C.R. Cranes travels through the Middle East and his concern about growing Arab-Western tensions (6th column from the left).

Britain Pledges to Palestine

Support for PAD from House of Lords

Article from “The Times”, dated May 11, 1922, discussing a conference concerning British pledges to Palestine (6th column from the left).

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